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What you’re experiencing maybe

Short-term strategy choice, nascent digital transformation, crisis of results, governance or image, succession, taking up a position, notoriety to boost, brand to refresh, growth to structure, you have to pass a course.

Taken by the daily, some subjects may have escaped you!

You need to act quickly: choose a positioning, take control, communicate and roll out an action plan.

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What we offer that is different

Around you, « advice » is multiplying and overlap…

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Instead, turn to those who have experienced the same thing! Turn to your peers!

Get concrete support from leaders and managers who have gone through the same moments as you.

In a few weeks or months, we will optimize your offer, your organization, your image or your results.

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How it works

Cyril Linette, former head of sports at Canal +, and CEO at L’Equipe and PMU, is your «Fellow».

Leader like you, he has succeeded in transforming significant in complex environments. And he, too, has gone through pivotal moments.

He assembled a team of executives and managers to make recommendations to you and apply them if necessary. Vision and execution are thus linked since worn by the same people.

The «Fellows» are leaders who support other leaders. Seasoned managers ready to share their experience with you concretely.

They represent all the trades of a management committee, to strengthen you where you need it.

Cyril Linette oversees the entire mission and remains your main point of contact for strategy and leadership.

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  • Repositioning, new business or recovery plan, you have a strategic course to pass.
  • Our advice is based above all on common sense and experience.
  • After a phase of listening and analyzing your data, it’s a matter of building a simple plan.
The key: getting back to basics!
To reinvent yourself, start by refocusing! Companies that transform effectively do so in accordance with their DNA.

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  • Taking up your position, speaking, a board to prepare, you have a course to pass in terms of leadership.
  • By organizing a discreet and regular dialogue with your sparring-partner, we can help you strengthen your ability to embody and be inspiring.
The key: be a leader!
To engage all your stakeholders on a daily basis (staff, shareholders, customers, partners, potential recruits), leadership is a major asset that is being built.

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  • Image crisis to face or notoriety to boost, you have a course to pass in terms of communication.
  • You need to communicate, much more than you imagine.
  • We write your story with you.
The key: tell a good story!
To anchor a strategy with the media or customers, solicit investors or financial partners, or control crisis and unforeseen events, relying on a very clear narrative is fundamental.
  • Many of our fellows come from the media world, which is a significant asset.

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  • You have a plan, you have to roll it out and for that, you have to pass an operational course.
  • What we recommend, we can implement with you by delegating to your teams experts and seasoned managers.
  • Not useless in these times of tight labor market.
The key: simplification!
Plan to turn around or conquer a new market, simplification is always the basic rule. Companies are suffocating under the complexity and overflow of projects.

A «4-in-1» never before seen on the market:

Strategy, leadership,  communication,  operations.


  • Our offer is totally modular
  • We can implement what we recommand.
  • A sectoral experience in the media, sports and entertainment but without exclusivity.

We are your partners

Our «Fellows» become part of the culture of the company they support.

Our «Fellows» know why and how to communicate.

Our «Fellows» speak the same language as our customers.

Our «Fellows» don’t sell trendy concepts.

Our «Fellows» listen and give feedback.

Our «Fellows» are committed to the results of their actions.

Our «Fellows» become part of the culture of the company they support.

Our «Fellows» know why and how to communicate.

Our «Fellows» speak the same language as our customers.

Our «Fellows» don’t sell trendy concepts.

Our «Fellows» listen and give feedback.

Our «Fellows» are committed to the results of their actions.

Photo de Cyril Linette

A leader at the service of leaders

  • Cyril Linette is the founder of The Fellow Company.
  • Manager since 2007, former journalist, he headed the sports division of Canal + Group before becoming CEO of L’Equipe Group and then of the PMU.
  • As a manager, he has developed know-how in the revival of traditional companies that are heavily heckled, managing a distribution network, real-time IT, digital transformations, restructuring plans, all in sensitive environments.
  • As an expert, he has an in-depth knowledge of the media, sports and entertainment sectors in general and a strong sensitivity to iconic brands.

Managers at the service of managers

  • Since early 2022, he has been implementing with established executives and managers this disruptive support method, where vision and execution are linked, more concrete than traditional consulting and more committed than interim management.
  • And builds a mirror agency of companies: executives and managers experienced in all functions of a management committee.

Follow the transformation media!

There is a real place for support at head height

In business transformations, vision and execution are equally important. However, they are never linked, since they are not practiced by the same stakeholders.
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The Fellow Company is refining its value proposition over the weeks. Here is a 2:30 summary of what we are putting in place to support leaders.
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He has directed some of the most prestigious companies in the world of sport and media in particular. Cyril Linette did me the honor of coming to the Dream Team Podcast TEAM microphone.
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Cyril Linette from the Ardennes turns to consulting companies

From sports journalist to CEO of L'Équipe and then of PMU, Cyril Linette from the Ardennes is starting a new slice of life by creating his "boutique" of transformations.
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Interview with Cyril Linette on BFM Business, founder of The Fellow Company

Cyril Linette, founder of "The Fellow Company", discussed his entrepreneurial retraining, the former boss of PMU, with the launch of "La boutique aux cadres".

Cyril Linette launches his sector expertise shop: “THE FELLOW COMPANY”

In a message posted on LinkedIn, Cyrile Linette, former CEO of PMU and the L'Équipe group or even head of sports at Canal+, announced the creation of "The Fellow Company"
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